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Rules and regulations

Rules for riding at Krathusgaard


1. You have to be minimum 18 years of age or be accompanied by an adult e.g. a guide or parent (if you’re under 16 years of age you can ride by yourself if you have a signature from your parents as well as their full support.


2. There will be no discounts/refunds/exchange of dates regarding holiday, sickness, bad weather or any other matter. It is always the rider’s responsibility to comply with the agreed dates, and it is on the rider’s own account if not complied with. Please remember that riding takes place in rain, snow, and sleet which there is also no refunds for if it inhibits the rider. The same rules apply if you fall off or your ride is shortened.

The share of a horse may be given to a member of the sharers own family such as husband/wife or child (if the sharer is not able to come), but it is not permitted to lend out to friends, acquaintances, or the like. Should such people wish to participate then you must rent a horse!


3. The riders are always responsible for their own excursions on the horses, and is it shortened (for whatever reason) it is still on the riders’ own account. Assistance is of course always reachable by phone, but it is still one’s own responsibility to handle the horses without the assistance of us in any situation. Please remember that it is different to handle a horse in the forest as opposed to a riding pit, and that horses are living individuals in other words they can have bad days, be naughty and sometimes less obedient.


4. Riding at Krathusgaard is always on the rider’s own responsibility and Krathusgaard, the owner, or the guides will not at any time be held responsible for this.


5. In case of any damage to the horses’ due to the rider’s/sharer’s riding or handling, the situation will be evaluated and assessed by Krathusgaard and potential compensation will be charged.


6. If a horse is injured or sick and hence is not able to ride with the sharer, there will be (if it exceeds 2 or several of the sharers days of riding and no replacement horse can be supplied) an assessment of whether a partial or full refund should be given. That is to say, that a horse may have a day lost through sickness (although it is an extremely rare occurrence) which in that case will not give a refund or discount. In addition, if Krathusgaard offers a “replacement horse” (no matter which of Krathusgaard’s horses) there will be no refund. This will usually be the case and if the rider declines this offer, it will be at the rider’s own expense.


7. In the event of a farrier, veterinarian, or other arrangements it may be requested that the sharer postpones/shortens the ride, so that this is made possible. There will be offered no refund in this case.


8. If the horse(s) has lost one or more shoes and hence not able to ride, the farrier will be assessed as quickly as possible. However, if the farrier is not able to attend the horse, and the sharer’s excursion is lost, there will be offered no compensation/new excursion or refund to the sharer.


9. We would also like to remind all riders that riding by the roads only takes place along the side of the road and never on the pavements as according to the Laws of "road safety "!

10. All horse dropping at Bindesbøllsvej must be picked up out of consideration for our neighbours.


11. Before contacting Krathusgaard please consider if you’re physically capable of handling horses. We have experienced several people not able to lift themselves into the saddle due to their own weight, and therefore we kindly ask you to reconsider this. If you’re riding with small children you should also consider whether they are capable of riding by themselves since riding in a forest is NOT the same as in a closed off riding pit – it is often at a considerably higher speed and horses can be frightened!


12. It is not permitted to make use of own brushes/grooming boxes, as we don’t wish to “share” external microorganisms/parasites with our horses.


13. Out of pure consideration to the horses’ backs we don’t accept rider’s weighing over 95 kilos. This is not to discriminate, but out of simple respect to the limitations of the general anatomical and physical structure of the horses.


14. It is by all means the rider’s own responsibility to remember the riding permits. If you ride without a permit it is at the rider’s own expense if a fine is received.

The permits are always accessible in the rider’s common room and in the unusual event of any lack of permits Krathusgaard must be contacted immediately to give further information.

IF you forget to return the riding permit after your excursion you must pay for the potential fine of the following rider(s) until returned.


15. Parking at Bindesbøllsvej is permitted since it is a public road. However, we ask you to show consideration for the neighbours and their ability to get past and in/out of their driveways. Additionally, we kindly ask drivers to make sure they don’t cause complications or prevent any passage to the neighbours of the area. We encourage you to park on Krathusvej, so that we can show consideration to our neighbours in the best possible way.


16. Please remember, that if you ride in the dark (and note the fact that it might get dark during your ride) you MUST have reflectives on the horse and wear lights. This is in every way the rider’s own responsibility to acquire and use before riding.


17. Cancellations are NOT offered at Krathusgaard and there will regardless of whether you show up or not you will be settled for in spite of any reason as we have reserved the horse for you! Therefore, in the event of bad weather, sickness, or any other matter – you will be accounted for! When you rent a horse you must state your name, address, and phone number etc!


18. Riders must always on the excursion take the horses well-being into account. This includes that the horse MUST be warmed up by walking for at least 15 minutes and cooled down by walking for at least 15 minutes. We expect that the horse is not dripping with sweat and/or a horse that is short of breath when returned. A good rule of thumb is to distribute the ride into following:


60 % walk, 30 % trot/tölt, 10 % canter.


Please also remember, that even if the horse wants to run all the time (has a lot of will/temper) it is still the rider’s responsibility to make sure it doesn’t race around the forest – even if it seems like it wants to!


19. Remember to keep an eye on the structure of the ground you’re riding on before deciding to go faster. Ask yourself if you would be able to run on the type of ground (fx ice, mud, or clods of mud). If you wouldn’t be able to have a run on it, then the horse probably won’t be able to either which in worst case scenario could lead to nasty accidents.


20. When the horses are on the summer pen in Nærum there are additional rules. Our riders are NOT allowed to park, make use of the toilets or in any other way make use of the camping areas’ facilities (0.5 km away). Riders must stay in the area of Ravnebakken which includes parking. In this way we show consideration for the camping site and its guests in the best possible way.

21. Please be aware that when riding at Krathusgaard there will be taken pictures and videos of you and your family. These will be used at our website, socialmedia and for advertising use. You can ask for removel by email or sms, but otherwise these will be own and used for purposes at Krathusgaard. This is a part of your consent when signing the contract of ridning at Krathusgaard. 

22. You will (when booking) have to pay you trip in advance. This is because we reserves the horses specific for you. When booking you will need to provide us with a full name, adress and phonenumber. We do accept cash or money transfer or mobilpay.

23. Upon arrival you will be asked to sign that you have read and understood the above-mentioned rules.


Cancellations are NOT offered at Krathusgaard.

Therefore, regardless of whether you show up or not, it will be accounted for (no matter the reason) as we have reserved the horse for you! Therefore, in the event

of bad weather, sickness, or any other matter – you will be accounted for! When you rent a horse, you must state your name, address, and phone number etc!

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