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Rules and regulations

Rules for riding at Krathusgaard


1. You must be at least 18 years old or be accompanied by an adult, e.g. a guide or parents (if you are 16 years old you can ride by yourself, if you have your parents' signature on this, as well as full support). ​


2. No discounts/money back/exchange days are given for holidays, sick days, the weather and the like. It is always the rider's responsibility to adhere to agreed dates, and if this is not possible, it is at your own expense. Also remember that the riding takes place in RAIN, SNOW, WIND and SLEED, for which no money will be returned if this prevents the rider. If you drop off or shorten the trip, the same rules apply. The party may be passed on to the party's own family, such as: Husband/wife or child (if you cannot come yourself), but may not be passed on to friends, girlfriends, acquaintances or the like. Should such persons wish to participate, a horse must be rented!


​ 3. The riders are always responsible for their own ride on the horses, and if this is shortened (WHETHER FOR ANY REASON! - even if you fall off or feel the horse is unruly or you don't like it, etc.) this is also at your own expense. Help is of course always available by telephone, but again it is your own responsibility whether you can handle the horse without help from us in all situations - otherwise buy a guide. Remember that handling a horse in the woods is different than on a riding track, and that horses are also living individuals - that is, they can have bad days, be naughty and be less obedient some days. You will therefore NOT get money back/detour, even if you have a bad match with one of our horses/fall off or similar. - if you are unsure whether you can control the selected horses, it is YOUR responsibility to order a guide. This rule applies at all times and REGARDLESS OF THE CAUSE. The rule is not made to bother our wonderful riders, but if you opt out of a guide, then ride at your own risk (which we are the only place that dares to offer our guests). Of course, we cannot keep an eye on the situation if you ride out alone and thereby the responsibility passes to you as the rider. All the horses on site are specially selected for good temperament and tested with all levels of riders.

4. Riding at Krathusgaard always takes place at the rider's own risk, and will at no time be undertaken by Krathusgaard, the company's owner or the guides. ​


5. In the event of damage to the horses while riding, the situation will be assessed by Krathusgaard and any compensation charged if the rider has acted irresponsibly. ​


6. If one of the horses is injured/sick so that it is unable to ride out with the party, there will (if it goes beyond 2 or several days of the party's riding days, and a replacement horse cannot be provided), it is assessed whether all/part of the money must be returned. In other words, there may be a day that the horse has a "sick day" (although this happens extremely rarely), for which no money back or discount is given! Furthermore, this means that if Krathusgaard offers a "replacement horse" (regardless of which of Krathusgaard's horses) no money will be refunded for the party. This will most often be the case, and if the rider says "no thanks" to the replacement horse, this is at his own expense. ​


7. The blacksmith, vet or arrangements may ask the party to postpone/shorten the ride so that this can possible. There is no refund for this. ​


8. Should the horse(s) have lost one or more shoes and therefore cannot go out for a ride, the farrier will of course be called as soon as possible. However, if it turns out that the blacksmith cannot come, and the party's turn is thereby lost - no compensation/new turn/money will be given back to the party. ​


9. We would also like to remind all riders that riding on the road only takes place along the edge of the road and never on the pavement according to the legislation from "road and field peace"!


10. All horse bulbs on Bindesbøllsvej must be collected - this for the sake of our neighbours. ​


11. Before you call, you should consider whether you are physically capable of handling horses. We have had several people who did not could lift himself up in the saddle, due to his own weight, and therefore this should be reassessed once more. You should also consider, if you are riding with smaller children, whether they are now also able to ride on their own, as riding in the forest is NOT the same as on a closed track - it often goes much faster and horses can become afraid! ​


12. You may not use/bring your own groomers/groom boxes, as we do not want "sharing" by outsiders micro-organisms/parasites present in horses. ​

13. Out of pure consideration for the horse's back, we therefore do not want riders who weigh more than 95 kg. This is not to does not discriminate against anyone, but purely for reasons of limitations in the general anatomical and physical structure of the horses. ​


14. It is 100% the rider's own responsibility to remember the riding card. If you ride off without paying a fine out of the party's own pocket. The cards are always available in the rider's room and should one or more be missing, contact Krathusgaard immediately, who will provide further information. IF you forget to leave your riding card after your trip, you pay the fine for the rider who must ride without it the next day. ​


15. Parking at Bindesbøllsvej is permitted and the road is a public road. However, please be considerate of the neighbors and these possibility of being able to pass by and enter/exit their driveways. In doing so, motorists are asked to ensure that they do not make it difficult or prevent passage for neighbors in the area. We encourage you to preferably park on Krathusvej, so that we can take the best possible care of our neighbors. ​


16. Remember that if you ride in the dark (and think about whether it gets dark WHILE riding) you MUST have reflectors on the horse and lights on! This is 100% the rider's own responsibility to acquire and use before riding. ​


17. Cancellation is NOT offered at Krathusgaard and therefore, regardless of whether you come or not, you will be settled, regardless reason, as we reserve the horse just for you! Therefore, if the weather is bad or you have fallen ill or for whatever reason – you will still be sent a bill! When reserving days, you must provide a name, address and telephone number, etc., as well as pay/transfer when booking! ​


18. Riders must at all times take into account the horse's well-being during the trip. This means, among other things, that the horse MUST be trotted warm for a minimum of 15 minutes and cool down in the walk for a minimum of 15 minutes. We expect you not to hand over a completely sweat-dripping horse and/or a horse that is very out of breath when it comes home. A good rule of thumb is to divide the trip as follows: 60% walk, 30% trot/trot, 10% canter. Also remember that even if the horse wants to "run" all the time/ has a lot of will, it is not your responsibility to just run around the forest - even if the horse seems to join in! ​


19. REMEMBER to look at the bottom you are riding on and ask yourself if you would be able to run here? If not, the horse probably can't either and can turn over (thereby getting nasty injuries)! For example ice, mud and tubers.

20. When the horses are in the summer paddock in Nærum, there are also rules. Our riders may NOT park, use the toilet or otherwise use the Camping site's facilities (0.5 km away). Our riders must stay inside the Ravnebakken area and park at the Ravnebakken. So that we take the campsite and its guests into account as best as possible. ​


21. If you want to be free stable help, you must read and understand what is written under "stable help" under "riding". ​


22. Upon booking/reservation, payment/transfer will be charged immediately (as we reserve the horse just for you). When reserving/booking days, you must provide a name, address and telephone number, etc. We do not accept Dankort. However, transfer, Mobilepay (for a fee of DKK 20) and cash payment are possible. ​


23. When you ride with Krathusgaard, photos and video may be taken during the rides. These can be used on Krathusgaard's social media and website. They will only be removed upon request - and therefore contact us in writing about this. If this is not requested in writing, you (and your family) can therefore appear on the website or our social media - you sign this in the "riding contract". The copyright of the images and videos belongs to Krathusgaard at all times and you can at no time collect financial compensation or salary for this. ​


24. Have read and understood our GDPR/personal data information.


​25. Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign that you have read and understood the above rules. By signing, you have agreed to and understood all of the above.




Cancellations are NOT offered at Krathusgaard.

Therefore, regardless of whether you show up or not, it will be accounted for (no matter the reason) as we have reserved the horse for you! Therefore, in the event

of bad weather, sickness, or any other matter – you will be accounted for! When you rent a horse, you must state your name, address, and phone number etc!

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