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We rent out the horses for single-trip rides. You can enjoy the horses, spend time in the beautiful countryside and go for a lovely ride in Dyrehaven

(2 hour rides available).

You ride on your own (a guide can be purchased). We will be ready to help you to find your way in the area, find the horses, equipment etc., so that your trip will begin in a pleasant and secure manner.


A guide is required for groups of over 3 people.

Remember to read our rules and regulations.

Price: 700 DKK per person for 2 hours (93 euro)

Price: 900 DKK per person for 3 hours (120 euro)

If you want the horses brushed and saddled for you before a ride: 250 DKK


Do you want a unique experience?

We take pride in offering our guests a high level of service with kind and attentive guides! The guides have good English skills and are considerate and caring towards all levvels of riders.

There will be offered good advice/schooling on the excursion if the rider wants it. The guides know all the small “secret” pathways and places in the forest, that you normally wouldn’t be able to find on your own.

NOTE! Groups of over 3 people must be accompanied by a guide for safety reasons!

Price: 650 DKK per guide (for 2 hours). About 93 euro.

Want riding lessons?: 750 DKK (100 euro) for an instructor (2 hours). 

Company trips

Is your company going on the annual company trip?

We offer your company a luxury trip in Dyrehaven on horseback. Riding is a good way to strengthen the team spirit and gives you an experience worth talking about.

We offer ordinary 2-hour rides or bigger luxury-arrangements for your company. We have different sizes of the company trips depending on your desires. We can have a maximum of 20 guests on the trip depending on the season (note: this will require a purchase of 2 guides).

Contact us if you wish to have an extended program (with for instance food in the forest) or an extended trip. We also offer night excursions or excursions with lunch.


Standard company trip: 700 DKK per person for 2 hours riding (+ price of guide)

Extended company trip: 1300 DKK per person incl. 3 hours riding, guide, soft drink, sandwich, coffee/tea, fruit, chocolate, and cake.

Luxury trip: look further below.

Pre-saddling can be purchased.

The luxury trip


Are you a company, family or a group of good friends who would like a day-long riding experience?

We offer champagne-lunch in Dyrehaven and riding on our well-behaved Icelandic horses.


Price: 2000 DKK per person (270 euro)


The following can be experienced on the luxury trip:


- The various beautiful landscapes

- The 3 types of deer: royal stags, venison, and the sika deer.

- The Hermitage (Eremitageslottet)

- Bathing with the horses in the Hjortekær lake (Hjortekærsøen) or the Magasin pond (Magasindammen).

- Well-behaved horses for all levels of riders

- The hedge of Jærgersborg (Jægersborg Hegn)

- Bøllemosen


Included in the price on the luxury trip:


- Welcoming sandwiches and drinks

- 2 x 2 hours of riding excursions on good Icelandic horses (before and after lunch)

- Kind and attentive guides

- Grand lunch in the forest with delicious home-made dishes

- Pudding and sweets

- Drinks – champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks etc.

- Coffee, tea, and cake

- A cold drink before going home


A deposit is required for every rider. Cancellations are NOT offered (payment will always be collected) no matter the reason – not for a single rider either. An order

can be placed by phone or email and the event must have a “contact person”. Krathusgaard reserves the right to cancel one or more riders in the event of an injured horse(s).


There will be required a minimum of 4 enlisted riders.

There will be no discounts/refunds/exchange of dates regarding holiday, sickness, bad weather or any other matter. It is always the rider’s responsibility to comply with the agreed dates, and it is on the rider’s own account if not complied with. Please remember that riding takes place in rain, snow, and sleet which there is also no refunds for if it inhibits the rider. The same rules apply if you fall off or your ride is shortened.
Riding at Krathusgaard is always on the rider’s own responsibility and Krathusgaard, the owner, or the guides will not at any time be held responsible for this.
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